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Through donated talent and resources, our goal is to help eliminate Longmont's health disparities. We provide accessible, holistic health care that focuses on the physical needs, as well as the social, emotional, and spiritual issues that affect health.  

We are motivated by the love God has shown us through Jesus Christ, and want to respond to His love for our neighbor by providing health care to those who cannot afford it.


Clinic Hours

Mondays, 9am to 3pm

Tuesdays, 9am to 3pm

Wednesdays, 9am to 3pm

Thursdays, 9am to 7pm

Fridays, 9am to 3pm


Clinic Location

In the Longmont Church of Christ building(www.longmontcoc.org)
1351 Collyer St
Longmont, CO 80501

Phone: 303.776.7117

We accept appointment calls on Mondays through Fridays

Fax: 888.863.4354

Send us an email - office@hopelightclinic.org