Hopelight Medical Clinic




Connecting faith and wellness for the good of our community!


Emotional Wellness
• The awareness of feelings and emotions.
• The heart represents the general source of emotions (vs. the mind /brain as a symbol for rational thought).
• Fitness and exercise
• Relationships with friends/family
• Balancing work and family
• Laughing and crying
• Adequate sleeping patterns
• Personal contact


Environmental Wellness
• The recognition of interdependence with nature.
• The tree is a general, easy-to identify representative of the natural realm.
• Reduce, reuse, and recycle
• Reusing materials
• Adopting Leave-No-Trace
• God has placed man in charge of nature
• Finding value in surroundings
• Positive workplace & attitude


Intellectual Wellness
• The openness to new concepts and ideas.
• A light bulb is a general representative for fresh thinking, innovation, and creativity.
• Reading & learning for fun
• Participation in a class or an organization
• Adopting a new hobby
• Traveling
• Adequate sleeping patterns
• Self-help information


Occupational Wellness
• The ability to enjoy a chosen career and/or contribute to society through volunteer activities.
• A gear with cogs or teeth represents a unit of labor or effort.
• Continuing education
• Satisfying career/profession
• Volunteering
• Workplace safety
• Exercise


Physical Wellness
• The maintenance of a healthy body through good nutrition, regular exercise, and avoidance of harmful habits.
• An individual person represents the human body.
• Fitness and exercise; stretching
• Personal hygiene
• Walk/cycle to work
• Know your numbers: cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure
• Good nutrition
• Adequate sleeping patterns
• Regular medical/dental exams


Social Wellness
• The ability to perform social roles effectively, comfortably, and without harming others.
• Three persons with connected hands represent harmony, networking, and friendship.
• Establish and maintain personal friendships
• Community involvement
• Attending social settings
• Group fitness classes
• Hobby/activity organizations


Spiritual Wellness
• The meaning and purpose of human existence.
• The cross represents the sacrifice of Jesus for us and the transformation that occurs. 
• Meditation; prayer
• Church family affiliation
• Watch a sunrise or sunset
• Worship God individually and in community
• Fellowship with one another