Hopelight Medical Clinic




Our Volunteer Application is available online, please click here.


Why volunteer at HMC?

Hopelight offers a friendly and hassle-free environment in which to practice medicine, collaborate with colleagues, and make a difference in your community. Our many volunteers come for the same reason - to provide high quality care in a practical manner to appreciative patients. Volunteer providers are invited to practice as often as they feel comfortable.

At Hopelight Medical Clinic, our mission is to offer great health care for the underserved population of the Longmont area. We carry liability insurance for our clinic and our staff and require all providers to be covered by their own liability insurance.

HMC could not offer excellent health care to its patients were it not for our wonderful volunteers who generously give of their time and talents. Volunteers serve regularly as health care professionals, administrative support staff, front office assistants, and interpreters, as well as in many other capacities.

At HMC, we are humbled by the number of individuals who want to volunteer. It is our desire that all who feel called to HMC can be a part of this ministry. Please consider volunteering today! We greatly appreciate your interst in HMC.