Hopelight Medical Clinic


Frequently Asked Questions


Does HMC treat chronic pain and prescribe narcotics?

HMC does not prescribe narcotics and does not treat patients for chronic pain. Hopelight is a primary care provider and can sometimes help refer patients living with chronic pain to pain management clinics, which specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain.

Does HMC see patients who cannot afford to pay for the visit?

Absolutely! We area charitable clinic that uses a sliding scale for all all patients who do are not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.


Since you use a sliding scale, what about those who do not qualify as low-income?

In order to not qualify, you will need to be 400% or above the poverty line. Those who do not qualify, would pay our visit fee of $20.


How does HMC charge such a small fee?

HMC is a charitable clinic that operates through the kindness of many doners and through the hard work of many volunteers. This allows us to serve our community with extremely low cost fees.